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Excel Institute has a new home at 3050 Richard Allen Ct. Denver Co. 80205

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Excel Institute receives grant to help children create a strong academic foundation beginning at age four. Denver, Co-Excel Institute announced today that it has received a 50,000 Daniels Fund grant to support its K-4 class ( Kindergarten four years old ). Excel Institute is a private elementary and middle school established in 1983, with grades K-4 through eighth. Excel was organized to address the educational needs of children in the inner-city neighborhoods of Metro Denver. Pastor A.L. Bowman, Excels Institute's founder witnessed children in his neighborhood and congregation who struggled and then became abandoned by a school system that did not adequately address their needs. Excel was the first private institution in the state of Colorado to serve the Black-American community as well as those who suffer similar effects effects of the school system, regardless of race, creed, or religion. Excel Institute is committed to providing the highest quality education available to our students, and our students are also expected to give their best effort in the classroom. Students are taught according to the child's ability giving them confidence to reach their academic threshold. Students who are not served or are underserved in the public school system are able to thrive in our setting. We teach and exhibit the Christian principles required to build people of integrity and moral ethics. By giving students the internal ability to surmount hurdles set before them with knowledge and spiritual strength, we are giving them a vital tool that will serve them thoughout their lives. " This Grant will continue our K-4 program which will help children create a strong academic foundation beginning at age four " said Vivian L. Wilson, Administrator. The Daniels Fund operates the Daniels Fund Scholarship Program and the Daniels Fund Grants program in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. The fund was established in 1997 by Bill Daniels, a pioneer in cable television known for his kindness and generosity to those in need. Excel Institute would like to thank the Daniels Fund for their support. We would also like to express the urgency for the need of continued support for institutions, who offer and alternative educational experience to our children.


CHRISTIAN SCHOOL STILL STANDING This past summer, DWN reported on the challenge administrators of Excel Institute faced when asked to vacate the Union Baptist Church facilities which had housed the institute for more then 20 years. Given only one week to remove all school supplies, equipment and belongings, Excel Administrator Vivian Wilson nearly lost hope that the school would be able to retain possession of property acquired over the past two decades. " There was no way out for us except that God intervened," she told DWN, while relaying the story of how an acquaintance connected her with officials of the Urban League ( UL ) which led to Excel being offered the space which has become the educational center's new home. The school year began in early September and Excel boast 90 students under the direction of 15 staff members. Even though occupying the entire upper level of the UL building and a basement classroom, the new facility is not as spacious as the institutes previous home, so classes are smaller but the quality and focus of instruction remains the same. " The basic component we have here is a mission," Wilson explained. " Your philosophy is going to drive your school. Your character, moral development and discipline all go back to Biblical directions." The Christian school incorporates prayer into every school day and that, along with religious emphasis, has been complementary used by Excel in guiding students through the many challenges that come into the lives of students. Wilson says one of the reasons she enjoys her role as Administrator is because it allows her to point her kindergarten to eighth grade pupils in a different direction and to encourage them to be themselves without succumbing to negative peer pressure. She has served as administrative head of the institute fir 22 years and views the part she plays as a calling or mission. " Becoming acquainted with Excel is probably the best thing I've ever done in my life," she said. Many of the students under her administration take advantage of scholarship programs because their families may not be able to afford tuition charged at the private school. Wilson explained there are three scholarships most commonly chosen and which cover all or a portion of a student's fees and expenses. The school, she says, is a light in the community not just because it is one of the first student academies to grow out of a church but also because it is one of the earliest known Black owned schools in the area.