Excel Institute

Oct. 14th Picture day. Please have your children dress for the occasion. Oct. 16th - Father and son breakfast/8:30-10:00 Oct. 23rd - Mother and son breakfast/8:30-10:00 Oct. 30th - Mother and daughter tea/12:00-2:00pm ALL MONTH STUDENT NOMINATIONS!!!! FROM THE ADMINISTRATOR: Dear Parents and students: The process of learning can be difficult and often stressful, but it must be accomplished. I want each of you to know I believe every child can meeet this challenge. Each child must know they are a remarkable and unique creation. You have every attribute to develop individuals of high caliber and distinction. So everyday we promote excellence, the excellence that is imputed in each of you. Keep reaching, and every time you reach you move up a little higher. Mrs. Vivian L. Wilson Administrator STUDENT COUNCIL: Remember our students have a chance to experience the real value of our government by engaginging in our own voting process. Tueasday Nov. 3rd, 2009 we will hold our own election. If your child is interested in running for office, have them start preparing now. NEW PEI PRESIDENT: Our sincere thanks to Ms. Virtanya Crawford for her (2) years as President of our PEI. Her leadership clearly enabled the organization to move forward. Her present commitments will hinder her time to give leadership, but hopefully will still allow her time to remain involved. The Vice President, Mr. Ned Perry has accepted the office of President and I have every confidence he will continue to lead with a spirit of enthusiasm and commitment. Don't forget we need each of you to complete this mission of God.