Excel Institute

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Striving Towards Excellence one child at a time


MISSION STATEMENT: Excel Institute was organized to address the total educational needs of children. We believe a total education must address the academic, physical, spiritual, and social needs. If all areas are not addressed it is our belief that a child does not receive a total education. We further intend to address the educational needs in accordance with Colorado Law through the Accountability Process, to teach and exhibit Christian Principles required to build people of integrity and moral ethics. K4 thru 8th grade. Our new home is located at 3050 Richard Allen Ct. Denver Colorado 80205. We are the first original privately owned minority Christian School, started in 1983. In choosing a school look at the experience and longevity of time we have spent in educating young children. WHEN LOOKING FOR THE BEST, THATS BEEN IMITATED BY THE REST. CHOOSE EXCEL INSTITUTE